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Partner and Supporting Organizations as of June 21, 2010

Maine PTA

Maine State Chamber of Commerce

Maine Children’s Alliance

Maine Children’s Growth Council

MCEE Members

Tom Keller, National Research Council

Bill Nave, 1990 Maine Teacher of the Year

Sherri Gould, 2005 Maine Teacher of the Year

Gloria Noyes, 2009 Maine Teacher of the Year

Kevin Grover, 2010 Maine Teacher of the Year

Meet the 2010 Starting 9

Kristen Gorrivan of Biddeford Primary School

Jani Cummings of Raymond Elementary School

Kathryn Adams of Minot Consolidated School

Beth Donohoe of Biddeford Middle School

James Morse of Camden-Rockport Middle School

Beth Pfeffer of Carrie Ricker Middle School in Litchfield

Andrew Lupien of South Portland High School

Angie Taylor of Poland Regional High School

Judy Stanhope of Scarborough High School

The manager of this year’s “Starting 9” is the Maine Teacher of the Year, Kevin Grover, from Lunt School in Falmouth.